December 13, 2012

Contributors! Thank you all for your support. We’d like to call you Ambassadors, for seeing the big picture and being someone who’ll help spread the vision we have for creating a live, exciting social network of drivers.

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Getting Started

Some of you forgot to include the shipping cost. Don’t worry, in the new year you’ll receive an email with a link to your account creation page. You’ll be able to create your account, choose a unique community username and enter your shipping address and monthly payment option. We’ll also settle shipping charges then.


We’ve partnered with Fossil’s spinout company Metawatch, so you can stay connected with your car through your watch. The Internet of Things is coming in a way that will make life easier, more open and more connected.

“Thanks to MetaWatch, apps like’s AutoText and DriveSmart™ can not only reduce driver distraction for consumer and commercial drivers, we can deliver messages right on the driver’s watch, so they can put the phone down and concentrate on driving.”

Get the full story on our Press page on the blog. If you haven’t had a chance, check out our blog updates at We’d love to get your thoughts, comments and shares too.

Many more exciting updates are coming up, so stay tuned!