March 3, 2015

BuddyGuard – Grand Prize Winner

Category: Fleet App

Developer: Josip Primorac

mojio-compatible-app-buddy-guardMaking driving more safe and secure is a huge component of the connected car future. In fact, a recent study from Nielsen found that automatic crash notification and emergency roadside assistance was the most important feature among connected car drivers who use safety alert features.

Josip Primorac’s app, BuddyGuard, takes a very humanistic approach to easing our natural concerns for our loved ones. “While we are traveling by car, our family and friends are often worried and concerned for our safety. One of the worst scenarios is when people are injured in an accident and are not able to call 911.” Josip wants to save lives by harnessing the power of Mojio’s always connected 3G+GPS device, in combination with specific events and triggers on on versatile API.

mojio-powered-buddy-guardHe envisions connecting drivers (buddies) and their loved ones (guardians) via his new application built on a foundation of trust and safety. If an accident does occur, the Mojio device will recognize this event and immediately notify the guardians via the app. The guardian can then phone the driver or dial 911 with a single click. Geo-coordinates of the driver’s location are provided to aid emergency services in efficiently finding the injured.

Asking Josip about his experience with Mojio’s open platform, he applauded the high quality documentation, as well as the ease of development. “The vehicle simulator is a big plus, especially for foreign developers like myself. I’m from Croatia and I currently do not have the possibility to test my application on real devices. Without the simulator, I couldn’t test anything while developing.”

Josip looks forward to bringing BuddyGuard to the Windows Phone Store and hopes to kick off a beta program in April.

Congratulations, Josip!

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