March 3, 2015

Car Blackbox – Grand Prize Winner (Tie)

Category: Gamification App

Developer: Pablo Gimenez

carblackbox-connected-car-mojio-appCarBlackbox has been developed to make every day driving more rewarding. As CarBlackbox’s developer, Pablo Gimenez, describes it, “the app provides not only a complete overview of the driver’s car status, trips and events, but also boosts engagement using real-time points and badges.” For example, if you happen to be driving through the rocky mountains, you may just earn a “Trekker” or “Peak Climber” badge, depending on your altitude.

car-blackbox-cars-badges-mojio-connected-car-appPablo architected the app so that drivers will receive points towards badges simply by driving their cars with the Mojio device connected to their OBDII port. Conversely, drivers will be “punished” by driving unsafely. Those events, such as harsh brakes, high g-force turns, or accidents. Additionally, the app will also subtract points for drivers who are driving inefficiently.

“It’s a simple, but engaging method to encourage better driving and offers great potential for ” says Darren Roberts, Mojio’s VP Marketing. Mike Francis from the Windows Store was “particularly impressed with use of Microsoft Azure table storage and push notifications to drive user engagement.”

Beyond the daily fun offered by the points and badges, the application also harnesses much of the functionality offered by Mojio’s 3G+GPS device and brings the connected car experience to life on their Windows Phone. Just by using the CarBlackbox, the user will know the status of their car, where it was parked, a list of recent trips with detailed stats like trip mileage, distance and duration. One unique feature of the app is that parents can get a quick and complete view of vehicles events as they are occurring in real time if they let their children drive the car.

Pablo was truly impressed by the Mojio’s open platform, calling it, “Just one word. Easy.” He added that “the Mojio development team has done a really good job developing their API. It is fantastically well documented and … it works! Yes, it works flawlessly and it is snappy.
Pablo is aiming to have CarBlackbox hit the Windows Phone App Store by the end of April.
Congratualtions, Pablo!
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