May 5, 2015

Apps World Hackathon – Build a Connected Car App

It’s almost summer and the Connected Car is hot. How hot? Well it’s poised to hijack one of the year’s biggest and best hackathons. That’s right, Mojio is sponsoring the upcoming Apps World Hackathon at Apps World North America 2015 on May 12th and 13th. Other sponsors include WaveMaker and Microsoft Azure. To make things even more exciting, the Honda Developer Studio is jumping in the ring with us to round out the connected car offering to the some of the finest code-hungry hackers this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Follow the banner below to register for FREE and participate in Mojio’s connected car challenge.


Mojio’s Connected Car Challenge

By 2020, there will be nearly 250 million internet connected cars driving on the road. These newly connected drivers will be searching for unique and exciting ways to enhance their experience behind the wheel. This is where you come in. Mojio wants you to get creative and think BIG. We are searching for a connected car app idea that is novel, has utility, and makes strong use of Mojio’s API. Our judges are not looking for fuel consumption calculators or an app that helps you find your car in a mall parking lot. We want to see innovation that addresses a mass market opportunity. If you build it, you will be well rewarded, as Mojio will help you bring you app to market with our exclusive Business Builder Package. There are four (4) app categories available for submissions. Your app must fall into one of these categories:

  • Gamified Driving: this category is for apps that help people become better drivers through the process of gamification. You’ll need to think outside of the box on this one, as a more distracted driver is not what we want.
  • Safer Driving: people are killing themselves and others because they need to be connected to their phones — and their virtual lives — while they drive. What can we do to reduce the social urgency to use your smartphone when you should be focusing on controlling your other, 3000lb, mobile device?
  • Connected Life: the Internet of Things is quickly growing. From smart cities to smart watches, connected devices will soon number in the billions. This category is for an app that simply makes life better by connecting the car to other smart devices.
  • Wildcard App: have an ace up your sleeve? If your killer idea doesn’t fit into any of the above categories then bring it on! We want to see your best, regardless of the category.


Apps World Hackathon Prizes*

All prizes will be determined by Mojio’s connected car team at Apps World, including Co-founder and CTO, Narayan Sainaney. Prizes will be announced on Tuesday, May 13th at 4pm during the hackathon wrap-up.

Grand Prize for the Best in Show (1): Mojio Business Builder Package (Valued at $5,000 USD)

  • 1 hour private consultation with Mojio’s CTO and Mojio’s Director of Apps and Platform Operations to talk about how to best enhance your app’s performance and incorporation into the Mojio ecosystem
  • Professional graphic design & user interface consultation and up to 20 hours of services to make your app look amazing
  • Mojio’s marketing kick-off package to get your app promotion started. This includes a blog post on the Mojio website with promotion on Mojio’s social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) and inclusion in Mojio’s monthly newsletter that goes out to our community of drivers
  • Includes one (1) Mojio Connected Car Package for each member of the app submission team (see below)

Best of the Rest (3): Mojio Connected Car Package (Valued at $149 USD)

  • 1 Mojio 3G+GPS Device (includes 12 months of cellular network service) [US/Canada Only]
  • 1 set of Mojio fuzzy dice (yes, these exist)

Mojio’s Open Platform for Connecting Cars

Mojio is the world’s leading open platform for connecting cars. Founded in 2012, Mojio delivers unparalleled insights on what’s happening under the hood and behind the wheel. Apps powered by Mojio provide accurate, near real-time, contextual information to drivers and enterprises to keep them better informed on and off the road. Mojio improves the driving experience by helping drivers plan and record trips, share driving information with friends and family and better understand their car’s health. For the enterprise, Mojio is a fully scalable, customizable and cost-effective option for resource management that can host multiple web and smartphone based applications.

Mojio's OBD-II Connected Car Device Mojio’s open platform harnesses the power of its award-winning OBD-II device that features an always-on 3G cellular connection, built-in GPS and accelerometer. This plug and play device works with more than 90% of vehicles built since 1996. Plug it in and within seconds, the device is accessing the car’s powerful on-board computer, feeding insightful data to Mojio’s cloud-based platform.

Mojio makes developing connected car apps easy. Just visit our comprehensive Developer Center and you’ll find everything you need to get coding. The Developer Center includes access to Mojio’s open API, SDKs, detailed materials and resources, video tutorials and Mojio University, our web-based self-education suite. You don’t even need a device to develop your app. Mojio’s vehicle simulator enables development and testing without the need to go for a single test drive. Learn more by visiting Mojio’s Developer Center.

For complete details on AppsWorld North America 2015, including the other hackathon challenges and two-day schedule, please visit the official AppsWorld North America Hackathon web page.