January 23, 2015

Jay Giraud Speaks about the Connected Car with Apps Alliance 

2015 is quickly shaping up to be the defining year for the connected car. This was readily apparent to anyone who followed the news surrounding this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. From Mercedes-Benz pursuing a driverless future, to GPU/chip manufacturer Nvidia powering advanced visual infotainment systems, there was no shortage of “coming soon” technologies and speculation about what kind of cars we will driving in 2020. While most of these technologies are still years away, Mojio remains steadfast in its commitment to making the connected car experience available to today’s drivers in today’s vehicles. Sure, that sounds great, but what does it all mean? No-one explains it better than Mojio’s very own Founder & CEO, Jay Giraud.

Overlooking the Eiffel Tower from a Las Vegas balcony, Jay took time from his CES schedule to chat with the Application Developers Alliance about Mojio’s role as the Internet of Cars component of the Internet of Things. With the creation of its open platform that can communicate with any IoT vertical, Mojio is at the forefront of connected car app development.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of what apps are capable of.” – Jay Giraud

As Jay explains in the video interview below, the use cases for vehicle insights may seem specific, but the applications are limitless, leaving developers space to truly innovate and improve the lives of consumers. Acting as the liaison between the cars and the developers, Mojio strives to create an efficient, seamless experience for consumers. In fact, we want to make driving more like the car commercials promised.

As an active member of the Apps Alliance Emerging Technologies Working Group, Mojio is helping to pave the way for developers in the IoT space through knowledge sharing, events and helpful resources. Mojio and other Application Developers Alliance Emerging Tech Working Group Members have just finished crafting the next paper in our Internet of Things series. In The Internet of Me: How Wearable Tech is Changing the Internet of Things, we discuss an evolving wearables industry, explore the of future possibilities, and analyze developer opportunities in this space. Download the paper and discover other IoT resources here.