March 3, 2015

Easy Auto Log™ – Grand Prize Winner

Category: Business App

Developers: Rick Sebastian, Kathy Consigli & Kara Behnke

easy-auto-log-mojio-connected-car-appThis submission comes all the way from the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia. The trio of Rick Sebastian, Kathy Consigli and Kara Behnke from NextWave Mobile Applications saw an opportunity to take trip tracking and expensing to a whole new level of automation and accuracy by integrating Mojio’s open platform and API. “We want to create apps that make managing our lives easier,” says Kathy, and “Mojio’s real time vehicle data and diagnostics give us the tools we need to make that happen.”

The whole app concept for Easy Auto Log™ is actually reliant upon 2 key events:

#1 – Start your car. The Mojio-powered Easy Auto Log™ will automatically begin to track your trip details within the app—whether you’re in the car and driving, or not. This is a bonus for those who often lend their vehicle, or have young drivers under the roof.

#2 – Turn off your car. The trip leg will automatically end and be recorded. Key driving metrics will automatically be captured, such as parking, fuel, or receipt data for your record


An added bonus of this app is the ability to sync your driving data to your Windows PC or tablet using the Easy Expense Tracker™ app. They have also designed a user experience which is customizable and flexible enough to be tailored to different needs. Mike Francis of the Windows Store thought that Easy Auto Log, “leveraged Mojio services and WP capabilities well. It’s a great concept that drives a combination of trip accuracy and automates fuel and travel-related expensing for businesses.”

Rick Sebastian, CTO of Nextwave, had this to say about Mojio’s open platform for connecting cars: “The APIs are powerful. The ability to leverage Microsoft’s async threading model to execute REST APIs makes writing the code incredibly easy. They save a tremendous amount of developer time.”

NextWave is targeting to have both Mojio apps, Easy Auto Log and Easy Expense Log, to be in the Microsoft Store mid-April, 2015. Beta testing will commence by the end of March, 2015.

Congratulations to the team at NextWave!

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