December 29, 2012

Imagine the foot tapping, followed by the even more rapid pacing back and forth, arms folded tight across the chest, and that frosty glare the moment you pull up. You’re late again. The boss really isn’t impressed, and now your job’s at stake; your significant other has grown weary of the excuses that are putting some rocks in the relationship; or your kid is starting another game sitting at the end of the bench, and winning that love back with candy is an act wearing thin too.

Admit it, your sense of direction is brutal, you’re really bad at navigating through traffic or knowing when & where traffic volume is at peak. “I didn’t know about that construction work” is an excuse rating up there with “the dog ate my homework.” You left the house 15 minutes ago, and the inner voices asks, “did you lock the doors, turn off the lights, or start the slow cooker for dinner?” Now it’s the dilemma, turn around to check these things and be even later. Or you can live with that frosty tone when someone reminds you about your forgetfulness, and dinner not being cooked. The travails of modern living can take a toll.

Imagine how you’ll feel getting praise for being on time, or maybe even being early. Imagine the warm words for remembering to start the slow cooker, and enjoying a home cooked family meal rather than another night of take-out. Now imagine the only thing you’ve done differently is plugging a device into your cars OnBoard Diagnostic port. simply connects your car to the internet; connects the apps on your phone, and plugs you into the ever growing world of connect hardware devices.

Imagine not fumbling for your key fob to open car doors. With your car senses the proximity of your phone, and unlocks the car door for you. Forget about forgetting to turn off the house lights or locking the doors. notices you’ve left the driveway and automates your Lockitron enabled front door locking the house for you. It also dims all the zwave enabled lights in your house, saving you money on energy costs.

Keeping your significant other happier gets easier too. Set a reminder to pick up flowers, chocolate or something special on the way to meet. Using the built-in GPS, suggests the right stops to make on route. If it’s a business meeting with the boss, imagine having the appointment location synced with your calendar and making the nearest parking reservation. When you arrive, it automates the parking payment for you too.

You get the kids to their game on time, but also know the car battery is weak. Instead of worrying about being stranded, asks to contact your roadside assistance provider to replace the battery. Once you approve the request, dispatches your authorized roadside assistance provider and unlocks the front door so they can change the battery without disrupting your family time. is much more than a device to make your life easier, and give you a personalized, smarter, internet enabled vehicle. While there are currently 8 applications developed and ready for use, is also firmly committed to helping drive the app economy. Imagine what the open source developer community can create with real-time data on engine performance, temperature, road surface, speed, pitch, tire pressure, G force, GPS location. Imagine what can be created with a driver’s social connections and an internet connection right into the car’s onboard computer.

It’s important that developers are aware that with the SDK great user experiences are waiting to be built. It’s developers that can improve the daily lives of drivers by connecting great software to their vehicles. has recently launched an Indigogo campaign, and has lots of ways for drivers and developers to get on-board and build an exciting new car enthusiast community.