March 3, 2015

License Plate Game – Grand Prize Winner (Tie)

Category: Gamification App

Developer: Koen Demkes

mojio-connected-car-app-license-plate-gameSearching for programming inspiration, Koen Demkes went back in time to revisit his childhood road trips in the United States. The result is a modern take on a road trip classic, License Plate Game.

That probably sounds familiar for many of our readers who traveled on the open roads on America as kids. Spotting the different out-of-state license plates was a great way to pass the time and keep the whole family engaged and alert. Koen’s app is based on that game, but adds a modern twist with a familiar map interface and then harnesses the power of your Mojio device for real-time driving metrics and powerful location accuracy.


Did you just see an Alaskan license plate? Wyoming? New York? Just say the name of the state and the app does the rest. The app will automatically calculate your points based on the distance from your position to the state, and based on your fuel efficiency. Be careful though, you’ll lose points for bad driving behaviour, such as speeding. The app integrates Windows Phone voice control capabilities to ensure the game can be played hands-free and distraction free.

Our judging panel thought the app would be a hit with young families on their upcoming summer road trips. “It’s a great alternative to watching movies or playing video games in the back seat,” said Grant Dunbar, Product Manager at Mojio. Mike Francis from the Windows Store added, “Love this app! I can see kids talking into their phones recording their license plates and yelling at Dad to slow down and stop speeding!”

Koen had a very positive first experience using Mojio’s open platform to develop his app. “Mojio’s Developer Center has everything you need to quickly build a connected car application, including many examples, which makes it very easy to develop with”, added Koen.

Congratulations, Koen!

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