December 17, 2014

Mojio is committed to building the world’s largest and most diverse open platform for the Connected Car. For consumers, this equates to a vast app store for their vehicles. As impressive as some of these apps may be, even more impressive are the humans behind them. They are the people who take a great idea, translate it into thousands of lines of code, design the interface and connect it with your car through the Mojio device and platform. Every month, we will introduce the Mojio community to a new developer. Here’s the first!

Five Questions with Zul Momin

fuel-signal-connected-car-logoFor our first interview, we spoke with Zul Momin, founder and CEO of Team FuelSignal. FuelSignal is a GPS based mobile app solution for users to find real-time gas prices and discounts from participating retailers. Team FuelSignal was recently named the winner in Ford’s Connected Car-Connected City App Pursuit hackathon at Connected Car Expo in LA.

Q1: Why should drivers care about Fuel Signal?

Consumer sentiment is clearly affected by gas prices. According to National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), nearly 9 in 10 consumers report that gas prices impact their feelings towards the overall economy. Price remains the dominant reason why consumers buy gas at a particular location. Furthermore, two third of consumers (68%) would drive 5 minutes out of their way to save 5 cents per gallon. FuelSignal’s technology identifies when a vehicle reaches a low fuel level in real-time and connects the driver with participating gas stations to provide gas prices and discounts. This not only saves drivers time, but it also conserves fuel and saves them money at the pump. The FuelSignal App is full of other useful features designed to help drivers get more out of driving. With the FuelSignal App drivers can check their loyalty rewards points, receive in-store promotions, and redeem points at participating stores.


fuel-signal-connected-car-mobile-application-mojioQ2: You already offer an app for iOS and Android devices. How will your integration with Mojio change the experience?

Our integration with Mojio will provide drivers with deeper information about behavioral patterns, such as Harsh Braking & Accelerations, plus Speed and RPM data. This will allow FuelSignal to create a Social Graph Score for each driver. This will help drivers gain a better understanding of their own behavior by trip, distance traveled and fuel cost, while also allowing drivers to compare their scores against others from the Mojio community. The goal is to help drivers conserve fuel and save money at the pump. In the near future, we intend to add services to help alert drivers when they should change their oil or tires, for example, and connect them with timely discounts and coupons from participating dealers and service providers.

Q3: What was the main reason you decided to develop a new app on Mojio’s open platform?

The Mojio platform is seamless and easy to integrate with many smart features. We were looking for a partner that would allow us to bring an innovative solution on an open source platform, while supporting the growing ecosystem of the “Connected Car Economy”. Mojio’s strong support for its developers and their recent partnership with AT&T were key considerations for FuelSignal choosing to develop an app on Mojio’s platform.

Q4: Do you have any advice for other companies that are looking to develop apps for the growing segment of Connected Cars?


Team FuelSignal’s Ahmed Moledina, left, and Zul Momin: The winning application was one of 10 developed on Ford’s Sync AppLink platform.

Our company was created based on the thriving “Connected Car Economy”. Most recently, FuelSignal was selected as the winner of the Ford Connected Car-Connected City App Pursuit Challenge at Connected Car Expo/LA Auto Show. We really see Mojio as a platform on which other innovative companies can create and build unique solutions that will make any car a “Smart Car” with the simple installation of a Mojio device. It’s been an incredible experience working with Mojio team.

Q5: When can the Mojio community expect to see the release of FuelSignal’s app?

We expect to complete our integrated solution for the Mojio community by mid February of 2015.

We’d like to thank Zul Momin for taking time from his busy schedule to participate in our Meet a Mojio Developer interview series.

You can learn more about FuelSignal on their website: