March 18, 2015

DeveloperWeek 2015 & the Accelerate SF Hackathon

We first met the OILHUB team (Jesse Hernandez, Brett Yoncak and Anthony Williams) in February at the Accelerate SF Hackathon in San Francisco, as part of Developer Week 2015. Accelerate SF is North America’s largest challenge based hackathon, bringing together nearly 1,000 developers under one roof for some seriously innovative coding. We sent our Developer Evangelist, Govind Dandekar, and our Technical Lead, Ashish Agarwal, down the West Coast to join the API-hungry developers and launch The Mojio Connected Car Challenge.


The Mojio Connected Car Challenge

By 2020, there will be nearly 250 million internet connected cars on the road. These newly connected drivers will be searching for unique and exciting ways to enhance their experience behind the wheel. This is where you come in. Mojio wants you to think big and get creative. This challenge is not about specifics. We are searching for an app idea that is novel, has utility, and makes use of the Mojio API. Here’s a hint: we want to make driving more like the car commercials promised.

Winner: OILHUB

After a caffeine-fuelled weekend, OILHUB emerged as the winner of the Mojio Connected Car Challenge for their novel approach to solving the all too common problem of not knowing when to change your car’s oil.

“The OILHUB team exhibited a novel, utility-driven app concept with their submission in the Mojio Connected Car Challenge,” said Govind Dandekar, Mojio’s Developer Evangelist. “OILHUB takes the stress out of maintaining your car, by offering timely service reminders in a beautiful UI. We’re excited to support Jesse, Brett and Anthony in bringing their app to Mojio’s growing app ecosystem.”

Five Questions with OilHub

Q1: What is the name of your app and the meaning behind it?

The name of our app is OILHUB and we chose this name because we want to create a central hub where you can view key diagnostics about your car, such as the status of your oil.

Q2: What’s the problem that you and your team are going to solve with the app?

Currently, there’s no intelligent way to accurately track when you need an oil change. OILHUB solves this problem by connecting you with a beautiful and intuitive interface, where you can easily monitor the status of your car’s oil and other fluids through the Mojio web dashboard and your phone.


Q3: How does your app work? What kind of data is it utilizing from the Mojio API?

OILHUB will allow users to easily track their oil changes, monitor the status of their car’s oil level and receive a helpful alert when another change is needed. We are using the Mojio API to pull the odometer values in order to track the distance you have traveled since you initiated your oil change. OILHUB will continue to evolve alongside Mojio and we have several amazing features in store for the future.

Q4: Can you tell us about your vision for future of the Connected Car?

My vision of the connected car is a seamless transition between a consumer and their car. I envision a future where consumers have the ability to see relevant diagnostics on their car and receive proactive notifications to ensure their cars can always be running at their optimal performance.

Q5: When do you hope to release a production version of the app to the Mojio community?

Development on OILHUB has already begun and we would like to release a production version of the app within the next 6-12 months. We will be starting with a web app, following by a beta release, and we will then use that feedback to develop a mobile app.