March 17, 2015


Mojio Connects Cars with Apps, Services and IoT Devices on IFTTT

Mojio is proud to announce the launch of its new channel on IFTTT. Mojio’s IFTTT channel will connect Mojio-powered cars with a growing list of mobile apps, digital services and internet enabled devices.

Mojio delivers unparalleled insights on what’s happening under the hood and behind the wheel. Apps powered by Mojio provide accurate, near real-time, contextual information to drivers and enterprises to keep them better informed on and off the road. With our plug-and-play device for the car and mobile apps for the smartphone, Mojio improves the driving experience helping drivers to plan and record trips, share driving information with friends and family and better understand their car’s health. IFTTT takes the connected car experience even further by connecting your Mojio powered car with 3rd party apps, services and internet-enable devices in simple, intuitive ways.

“Joining IFTTT was a natural move for Mojio,” said Govind Dandekar, Mojio’s Developer Evangelist. “As an open platform for connecting cars, we always strive to provide developers and the IoT community with everything they need to help make driving more like the car commercials promised. We can’t wait to see what new recipes are cooked up in the coming weeks.”

To help the Mojio community get started with IFTTT, we’ve set up some sample connected car recipes on our channel. These recipes are just a small taste of what can be accomplished with the connected combination of Mojio and IFTTT. The opportunities are limited only by the creativity of the IFTTT community and its innovative chefs.

Safety Recipes: be a safer, less distracted driver with our recipes that mute your Android ringtone when you start your ignition and turn your Android ringtone back on when you turn your ignition off.

Driving Data Recipes: automatically log all of your trips and trip data (mileage, start address, end address, fuel efficiency, etc.) in Google Drive or Dropbox for easy trip reporting.

Car Care Recipes: receive instant SMS notifications and emails when your Mojio device detects a low battery in your vehicle or a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is registered.

Security Recipes: receive a phone call if someone disconnects your Mojio or receive a notification every time your car’s ignition turns on. This will help you ensure there is no unauthorized use of your car.

Recipes for Android: Android users will be pleased with the potential functionality offered by IFTTT. Take a look at some of the available Android channels and triggers (Android Device, Android Notification, Android Phone Call) and set up your own awesome recipes.


What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a San Francisco based company on a mission to change the way people make connections between the services and devices they use every day. It stands for “If this, then that.” IFTTT is based on the concept of recipes: Recipes are simple connections between products and apps. There are two types of Recipes: Do Recipes and IF Recipes

What are Channels and Recipes?

Channels are the apps, services, and devices — like Mojio, Facebook, Gmail, Nest Thermostat, Fitbit, and Philips Hue — available for people to use in their Do and IF Recipes. There are over 170 Channels available on IFTTT and growing. More than 25% of all Channels available today are for internet-connected devices.

Recipes are connections between Channels that unlock limitless ways for your apps, services, and devices to communicate with each other. Over 19 million Recipes have been created so far and they run more than 600 million times per month.

What is Do?

Do is a new class of do it yourself mobile apps launched in February 2015 for Android and iOS. The Do suite is comprised of 3 unique and powerful apps: Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note. Each app enables you to easily personalize how it behaves with Recipes that run with just a tap of a button. IFTTT users can add up to 3 Recipes at a time and swipe between them to quickly change what your Button, Camera, and Notepad does.

What is IF?

IF enables you to create powerful connections with one simple statement — IF THIS THEN THAT. IF Recipes run automatically in the background. Get notified of important events, share content seamlessly between apps, catalog your special moments, and control internet-connected devices with ease.

Searching for more information? You can learn more about IFTTT here. If you have any questions about Mojio’s new itegration with IFTTT, please reach out to us at We’re looking forward to seeing what our community comes up with!