March 3, 2015

SpeedTrap – Grand Prize Winner

Category: Wildcard App

Developer: Dana Gibson

Dana Gibson’s vision for his connected car app, SpeedTrap, was born out of frustration from what he considers to be a never-ending local speed trap. After learning of the contest and digging into Mojio’s open platform, he concocted a plan to eliminate not only that particular speed trap, but also those across North America.

SpeedTrap aims to use a combination of crowdsourced speed trap locations and Mojio’s real-time driving data from the 3G+GPS device to provide drivers with pre-emptive notifications on their Windows Phone to alert them about upcoming speed traps. One thing is for sure, if SpeedTrap saves you from a speeding ticket, you’ll owe Dana Gibson a pat on the back.

Congratulations, Dana!

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