February 25, 2013

Supporting the Dept. of Energy’s Apps For Vehicles Challenge

mojio would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to the hardworking people at the Dept. of Energy’s Apps For Vehicles Challenge. We are thrilled to be among the Phase 1 winners.


Now that we have a better sense of the challenges everyone is trying to solve, we feel that competing with vehicle app developers is counter to our company vision and goals. It is our preference that mojio work together with app developers to bring new and innovative solutions to challenges facing all Apps For Vehicle developers here and beyond.

Upon further conversations with the DOE, we are better suited to serving the app developer ecosystem and the spirit of the contest by withdrawing as a contestant. Instead, the DOE and mojio would like to announce that we are officially participating as a technical supporter to the Apps For Vehicles Challenge. This makes the mojio platform, SDK, developer tools and technical support available to all contestants at no cost.

We’re proud to be part of this exciting movement and we look forward to working with everyone as we move into this next phase of the Challenge. In order to obtain access to everything mentioned above, please email info@moj.io and highlight that you are part of the Challenge. We would like to wish all contestants good luck, and we look forward to having your apps hosted in the mojio app store when it goes live later this year!

Jay Giraud, CEO