December 13, 2012

“…an innovative solution that could deal a major blow to the features that automakers have come to count on…” Enprecis

We’re running into the end of week 2 on our Indiegogo campaign. We couldn’t be happier with the support of the many contributors that have come through to help us create the world’s first open platform for cars apps.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing exciting partnerships with some of the well known apps that you love, made even smarter with real-time data from your car. We’re in discussions with automotive dealers and service garages to help streamline how you care for your car. We’re gaining support from the worldwide developer community, who’ll soon bring hundreds of apps for your car and driving experience. We’ve received overwhelming interest from countries all over Europe and Asia. Probably the one thing we’ve heard the most is:

“This is way overdue.”

New Perks on Indiegogo
We’re testing different pricing plans on Indiegogo. Some of you may have seen the latest FOUNDER PERKS. To thank you for your support on Indiegogo, we’re now including your first 12 months of wireless service with the backing you provided us. On Indiegogo, this is now listed as a limited offer, so make sure to tell all your friends about these two new perks, listed on the side of this newsletter.

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