March 3, 2015

The Connected Car Comes to Windows Phone

When it comes to development, there is no name more synonymous than Microsoft. This was clearly showcased by the incredible response to our Mojio & Windows Phone Developer Contest which kicked off in mid-January. With an opportunity to be one of the first to bring the connected car experience to the Windows phone, significant bragging rights were on the table. That, in addition to a chance to win a $1,000 Prepaid VISA card, attracted developers from across the North America, Australia, and Europe. In total, more than 850 developers registered to participate in the contest from around the globe. The contest featured five distinct app development categories:

  • Fleet App:  an app focused primarily on effectively managing a fleet of more than one vehicle
  • Green App: an app focused primarily on reducing drivers’ carbon footprints in some way
  • Business App: an app focused primarily on helping a business manage its resources (e.g. people, time, money) more effectively
  • Gamification App: an app focused primarily on gamifying driving in a safe manner
  • Wildcard App: an app which has a primary function that does not fit in any of the above categories

mojio-microsoft-developer-contestRound 1 – Finding The Top 25 & Top 10

After more than a month of coding, designing, testing and simulating their app concepts, developers were asked to submit a four minute demo video to our judging panel. The popcorn was popped, the videos were watched and the scorecards were filled. Our judges arrived at the cream of the connected car crop: the Top 25 and Top 10 submissions.

Round 2 – The Top 10 Finalists Present

Shortly following the selection of the Top 10, an invitation was sent out to the finalists to give one final pitch to the judges via video conference. The apps were judged on the following five key criteria: Novelty, Utility, Design, Feasibility and Presentation.

It was a tight race to the finish line, but our panel of judges from Mojio and Windows identified the Top App from each of the five contest categories, including a tie in the gamification app category. The Grand Prize Winning Apps have each won a $1,000 USD Prepaid VISA Card, courtesy of Microsoft.

The Windows Phone developer community really impressed our panel of judges by digging deep into our platform and thinking outside of the box with our API. We are really excited to support the Grand Prize Winners and help them bring their apps to market in the Windows Phone App Store. – Jay Giraud, Mojio CEO

The Grand Prize Winners

BuddyGuard – Grand Prize Winner

Fleet-App-IconCategory: Fleet App

Developer: Josip Primorac

Making driving more safe and secure is a huge component of the connected car future. While we are on the road, our family and friends often carry a burden worrying about our safety. BuddyGuard is a Mojio compatible Windows Phone application which harnesses the core of Mojio’s API to protect our loved ones if they happen to be involved in a car accident.

Learn more about BuddyGuard here.

Drive Green – Grand Prize Winner

Green-AppCategory: Green App

Developers: Robert Hellestrae & Katherine Martin

Drive Green is a mobile application for Windows Phone 8 that addresses the issue of carbon emissions due to driving. By leveraging the power of Mojio’s open platform for connecting cars, Drive Green seeks to reduce drivers’ carbon footprints by providing fuel efficient tips & information, real-time feedback, and a safer driving experience.

Learn more about Drive Green here.

Easy Auto Log™ – Grand Prize Winner

Business-App-IconCategory: Business App

Developers: Rick Sebastian, Kathy Consigli & Kara Behnke

Turn on your ignition, and the Mojio powered Easy Auto Log™ app will automatically start to track your trips and trip details via your Windows Phone. Turn off you car’s engine and that trip (or a leg of the trip) will automatically end and be recorded for expensing purposes. This is business expensing made easy, courtesy of Mojio.

Learn more about Easy Auto Log™ here.

License Plate Game – Grand Prize Winner (Tie)

Gamification-App-IconCategory: Gamification App

Developer: Koen Demkes

You probably remember playing the original version of this road trip game in your youth. The License Plate Game app takes this family classic and modernizes it by utilizing Mojio’s API to gamify the driving experience on the Windows Phone. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find yourself looking at the elusive Alaskan license plate.

Learn more about License Plate Game here.

Car Blackbox – Grand Prize Winner (Tie)

Gamification-App-IconCategory: Gamification App

Developer: Pablo Gimenez

CarBlackbox is a Mojio compatible Windows Phone app that engages drivers via a gamified system of points and badges, and is based on a broad base of real-time driver data from Mojio’s  powerful API. Let the games begin!

Learn more about Car Blackbox here.

SpeedTrap – Grand Prize Winner

Wildcard-App-IconCategory: Wildcard App

Developer: Dana Gibson

SpeedTrap wants to save you from your next speeding ticket. Through a combination of crowdsourced speeding traps and Mojio’s API, SpeedTrap will provide drivers with timely warnings as they approach the dreaded SpeedTrap. Slow down and smile for the camera!

Learn more about SpeedTrap here.

We’d like to thank all of the contest registrants for their enthusiasm and drive to bring the Mojio powered connected car experience to Windows Phone. If you have any questions about this contest, please email us at