Mojio Launches Connected Car Solution for Everyone

The 3G+GPS device connects any car; its open platform enables a world of app possibilities November 4th, 2014 (Vancouver, BC): Mojio today announced availability on and at, bringing to market its open platform for connecting cars to drivers and the world around them. Mojio is $149 USD ($169 in Canada), which includes the first year of service, and connects most any car to the Internet of Things through premium cellular networks – AT&T in the US and TELUS in Canada. Subscriptions beyond the first year are $4.99 USD per month ($6.99 in Canada). Unlike other after-market connected car devices, Mojio is the only open-platform, 3G cellular device that delivers a near real-time connected driving experience to drivers. As an open platform, it supports a growing ecosystem of drivers, partners and developers focused on providing a more seamless and intuitive driving experience through connected car apps. “We believe that people want their car to be more like their smartphone, to personalize their connected driving experience with apps that actually talk to all the intelligence behind their dashboard. Mojio offers that to anyone with a car made since 1996 with an open platform that over 100 companies are building their connected car apps on today,” said Jay Giraud, CEO at Mojio, “and because Mojio works with most cars, drivers can seamlessly use their Mojio-enabled apps with the different makes and models of cars that modern families share.” At launch, Mojio’s core app will offer the following key benefits to drivers:
  • Vehicle diagnostics – Mojio is a “virtual mechanic” that reads the hundreds of codes coming from the car and, beyond the vague check-engine light, informs the driver of the vehicle’s status at all times. Mojio will notify drivers when something goes wrong with its level of urgency, providing convenience and peace of mind.
  • Automated trip tracking – Mojio monitors distance travelled, fuel efficiency and cost per trip, allowing drivers to monitor and improve their driving to save time and money. When driving for business purposes, Mojio can automate mileage and expense tracking.
  • Vehicle monitoring – Mojio shows drivers their vehicle’s activity and location at all times, in real-time. If the engine is turned on or the vehicle is moved (i.e. towed) when the driver isn’t present, Mojio will send an instant notification to the driver’s phone.
  • Enhanced driving experience – Mojio anticipates drivers’ needs and displays the right information at the right time, like traffic-based route suggestions, turn-by-turn directions, nearby parking and even gas stations when fuel level drops below 15% – so drivers can focus on driving and still get what they need.
  • Social features – Mojio will help drivers stay safely connected with friends, family and appointments by providing the option to share vehicle location and estimated arrival time with selected contacts, without having to text while driving.
  • An app store for cars – Mojio will continue to add connected-car apps and, with new apps and services continually being developed, drivers will be able to customize their relationship with their car, just like they have with their smartphones. Third-party apps currently in development include parking payments, automated trip expensing, simplified car rental, home automation and many more innovations for the connected car.
“Connected vehicle innovations will not only define the automotive industry’s next century, but also offer new business opportunities for automakers and other industries,” said Thilo Koslowski, vice president & automotive practice leader, Gartner. “As the vehicle becomes the ultimate mobile device, new value propositions will emerge and business models will be disrupted.”* As the Internet of Things and smart devices grow within the home and more broadly across cities, things such as traffic signals turning green rather than keeping a sole driver idling at a light, or finding, reserving and directing a driver to available parking right when it is needed will become everyday reality. Removing the number of cars driving on city streets looking for parking alone would reduce emissions, traffic, fuel spending and, ultimately, driver stress. Only with real time data exchange between the car and its environment is this possible. “Mojio provides relevant information drivers need, right when they need it. We’re pretty excited to be joining the connected car marketplace and hopefully, meeting our goal of making driving more like the car commercials promised,” said Giraud. — ENDS – *Original quote: Innovation Insight: The Connected Vehicle Will Dominate Automotive and Mobility Innovations,” December 2012, Gartner – included here with Thilo’s permission. For more information contact: Mojio Darren Roberts, VP Marketing Tel: +1778-987-8843 Hotwire PR Chris Pappas Tel: +1 415-840-2790 About Mojio Mojio is reinventing driving by keeping drivers connected to their favorite people, places and things providing accurate, real time information about cars when it is needed most. As a cloud-connected device for the car and an app for the smartphone, Mojio improves the driving experience by automating tasks, bringing intelligent solutions to the driver and protecting their investment. Mojio’s open platform makes it easy for third party developers and partners to create apps that connect drivers with the products and services they want and need. For more information, please visit: