October 5, 2017

An international man of mystery, Param Singh is used to being in the driver’s seat, having led growing teams around the world. From Europe, to Asia, to North America, Param is known for making a positive, tangible impact in a company within his first 90 days on the ground. Param has nearly two decades of experience working with both Fortune 100 and high growth VC-backed companies.

As Mojio enters into its next high-growth phase, Param brings a plethora of work experience to his role managing global operations as COO. From his time as the VP of Corporate Finance and Strategy at Destinator Technologies to his most recent position in the UK, working as the Managing Director and COO at 4energy, Param’s experience combines a passion for the telecommunications industry with a desire to get behind the wheel. When he’s not on the job, you can catch him sprinting across the world’s greatest cities in his running shoes.