Put Your Customers in Motion

Accelerate your connected car service with our best-in-class mobile app for individuals and families.

Rich in helpful features and thoughtfully designed, Motion is ready to deliver a smarter, safer and more convenient car ownership experience to your valued customers.

Best in class mobile app

Connected Car Experiences that Stick

Launching a connected car service will unlock new revenue from your existing customer base, improve customer loyalty and differentiate your brand from the competition. No matter your business goals, Motion will get you there.

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Our App, Your Brand

Motion can be easily stylized and localized to fit your brand. By giving your customers a customized version of the Motion app, they’ll get a connected car experience on the car they already drive, from a brand they already know and trust.

Seamless User Experience

Motion’s user experience, stylish interface and rich feature set is the result of years of extensive user research and real-world customer feedback. We do the hard work (design, development and deployment) so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

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Built for Engagement & Retention

Engagement is the lifeblood of any app, because quality engagement leads to long-term user retention. Motion is built to give your customers the instant convenience and ongoing peace-of-mind that keeps them — and their subscription — active.

Powered by Mojio

Mojio’s scalable, secure and hardware-agnostic platform is the engine that powers Motion, transforming valuable automotive data into helpful services for your customers, all with best-in-class performance and reliability.

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Unlocking Value for Every Customer

Motion is the only app your customers need to better manage their car ownership experience, boasting a suite of high-value features to satisfy the needs of a variety of consumer personas.