Vidhya Ranganathan

Vidhya is the self-declared Mother of Engineers at Mojio. Not only does she lead a growing team of talented engineers but she often surprises them with home-cooked vegetarian treats. Vidhya is responsible for all of Mojio’s product releases and nothing gets by her, partly because she loves testing our connected car solutions on her own family!

Vidhya started her career coding in C, C++ and later Java, soon making the jump to various leadership roles in the Big Data and Analytics space. She spent 15 years working for some of the most reputable names in the industry, Brio, Hyperion and Oracle to name just a few, before she took on the challenging role of SVP Engineering and Products at the award winning content sharing platform kiteworks by Accellion Inc.

Driven and dedicated, not even a stroke could knock Vidhya off her game and she bravely made a full recovery. When Vidhya isn’t working she loves travelling the world with her family, although sometimes she finds herself spending a lot of time in the boutiques. It turns out that Mojio’s Mother is also a bit of a shopaholic!