Empowered is when one device connects you to your car at all times


On and Off the Road with Mojio

Be a Smarter Driver

Treating your car the right way starts with knowing more about it. Mojio helps you make informed decisions that keep your car healthy and safe for as long as possible.

  • Know your driving costs
  • Improve gas mileage
  • Automate trip expensing

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Get Expert Knowledge

You can stop guessing what's happening under the hood. Mojio tells you everything you need to know about your car, so you will always be prepared to make the right decision.

  • Know the condition of your car at all times
  • View detailed diagnostic information
  • Make informed decisions at the shop

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Simplify Your Day

When you're well prepared, it means facing no surprises, and being ready for everything the road may throw at you. Mojio helps you get back to enjoying the ride.

  • Get traffic updates
  • Coordinate ridesharing
  • Find parking and nearby gas stations

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Stop Worrying

Whether it's your spouse, your BFF, or your teenage son, you can keep an eye on the status of your ride at all times. And if you're behind the wheel? Then Mojio will seamlessly link you up with them.

  • Monitor your car remotely
  • Connect with friends and family
  • Choose to automatically share your location

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Discover your car's secrets. Start using Gauge now.

Know everything that your mechanic knows

Gauge keeps track of all the inner workings of your car. Whether it's basic maintenance, diagnosing car trouble, or taking action if your car is recalled, Gauge helps you make the right decision as soon as possible. Having a mechanic in your wallet is a bad thing. Having one in your pocket? Smart.


The Gauge app requires the Mojio device.

Cloak knows if your car is safe. Now you will too.

Keep your car secure, no matter where you are

One simple app to know if your car is being driven when it shouldn't, if it's been stolen, or even just to remember where you parked. One day your car will need you. Cloak ensures you know when to act.


The Cloak app requires the Mojio device.

Everything about your car. In your pocket.

Be an informed and empowered driver

Picture a life that's easier, smoother, more affordable, and safer. It's all possible with the information and data that Trek provides, so you can make smarter decisions on a daily basis.


The Trek app requires the Mojio device.

Parking, gas stations, and traffic. Stop searching, and let Trek tell you.

Getting from A to B should only be about A and B

Trek makes your time on the road smoother by finding parking as you near your destination, telling you where the closest gas station is, and using real-time traffic indications to get you home faster than the rest.


The Trek app requires the Mojio device.

Stay connected to those that matter. Safe, secure, and social.

Lose the unnecessary distractions

Securely sharing your location with selected contacts lets your friends, colleagues, or loved ones see where you are and how far away you are. Texting while driving? Not anymore.


The Trek app requires the Mojio device.

Trip reporting made easy. Automated and accurate.

Benefit at work and in your wallet

Trek makes trip expense tracking easy with insightful reports about your time on the road. From fuel cost and distance traveled per trip, to monthly summaries of all your driving activity, you'll be glad to ride with Trek.


The Trek app requires the Mojio device.

Mojio Drive

Mojio Drive is a fast-growing ecosystem of Mojio compatible connected car apps that connect you and your car to your favorite people, places and things. Want to build your own connected car app? Visit our Developer Center to get started.

How will you benefit from Mojio?

You in your...
Sweet, your car is compatible!

Ever been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic with no way of making it to your next meeting? Mojio eliminates the stress of driving by helping you avoid traffic jams. If all the roads are slammed it can even automatically let your colleagues know you'll be late.

Commuting to work every day isn't as routine as it should be. Traffic conditions and car trouble can leave you frantically calling your boss. Planning your trip with Mojio ensures that unwelcome surprises don't stop your day before it even starts.

If other people are depending on you, you can depend on Mojio. It keeps track of where you need to be, who you need to pick up, and even makes sure the people you care about know when you're on your way.

Road trips are supposed to be about enjoying the journey, not worrying if your car can make it. Mojio keeps track of your car's health so you can stop thinking about your next trip to the shop, and start enjoying the open road.

Sorry, your car is not compatible.

Unfortunately Mojio isn't compatible with your car. If you're interested in everything it has to offer, you can stay updated on Mojio developments.

It looks as if your car is only partially compatible.