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When people ask us, “What does Mojio mean?” we usually start by explaining that it didn’t mean much of anything when the founders chose the name in 2012. That was the whole point. An automotive revolution was brewing and we needed to put a name to the connected car, one that was as open as the road itself. One that was as much about the journey as it was the destination, one that represented the future of connectivity and growth. Mojio was born.

Fast-forward and Mojio means so much more. We are the technological backbone for the rapidly growing connected car industry. A space forecasted to reach hundreds of millions of vehicles around the world by 2020. Now, Mojio isn’t just connecting cars to the Internet, we’re enabling a new automotive ecosystem, bringing together players of all shapes, sizes and forms. Mojio is the key to connecting them all. This is what drives us.
Mojio unlocks hidden data
from nearly any vehicle
Now what does this mean for the industries we service? For wireless carriers, it means that the connected car is like the new smartphone. For automotive dealers, it means a new and highly insightful relationship between customers and the service bay. For auto insurers, it means the gateway to a better business model founded upon real data from real drivers. And for everyday drivers, it means a new era of vehicle ownership, one that harnesses untapped data to deliver something we’ve all longed for: automotive peace of mind.

Welcome to the new automotive ecosystem. That means welcome to Mojio.

Our Investors

From Europe’s leading mobile network operator to the world’s largest retailer, Mojio is backed by leading investors.

Our Drive Sets Us Apart

We’ve taken ideas from the garage to millions of customers, engineered globally scalable platforms and designed products that users simply love.
Kenny Hawk
This is Kenny’s sixth outing as CEO, indulging his passion for using technology to solve real world problems. He previously led teams at Various Inc., BrandBoards, Ubidyne, Nemer...
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Vidhya Ranganathan
VP of Engineering
Vidhya is the self-declared Mother of Engineers at Mojio. Not only does she lead a growing team of talented engineers but she often surprises them with home-cooked vegetarian trea...
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Andrew Morrison
Andrew takes the lead in creating Mojio's growing range of products and getting them to market. His drive for exceptional user experiences blazed a trail for Fitbit, TiVo, Amazon a...
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Dr. Alan Messer
Dr. Alan Messer has been a worldwide leader in advanced software and intelligent services for connected consumers for more than 20 years. Alan leads InnovationShift, where he wor...
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Olivier Poissonnier
As CFO, Olivier brings financial leadership to Mojio. He brings more than two decades of experience in leading finance and operations roles with several high-growth technology comp...
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Markus Hummel
VP of Operations
Markus is a high-tech entrepreneur with a passion for operational perfection, earning him the nickname of "Dr. Glue" by a former investor and board member. With humble beginnin...
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Peter Recchi
VP of Global Sales
Pete heads up Mojio's global sales team, guiding our business development strategy and ensuring that our existing customers stay fantastically successful. To Pete, managing enterpr...
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Kyle MacDonald
Head of Marketing
Kyle leads the Marketing squad at Mojio, and is responsible for branding, events, product marketing, public relations and everything in between. He loves jamming with designers and...
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Based in downtown Vancouver, Silicon Valley and Bulgaria, Mojio develops enterprise-grade connected car services for North America, Europe and beyond.


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