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Mojio EngageTM

Mobility experience modules, built for engagement.
Easily added to existing apps and services.

Engage and retain your users

Introducing a new suite of mobility experience modules, designed to drive user engagement and increase long-term retention. Easily added to existing apps and connected services, Mojio Engage modules deliver high-value insights that make the driving experience safer, smarter and more convenient for your end users.

TireCheck wheel


A patented visual inspection tool that uses images from a smartphone camera to instantly assess tire health.

  • Integrate quickly with simple APIs – no telematics data needed
  • Generate recurring user sessions with app-based tire safety checks
  • Increase the likelihood of capturing tire replacement revenue
  • Status: Available for 3rd party development
AutoCare+ car


An intelligent vehicle health monitoring service that predicts the need for maintenance before it becomes a hassle.

  • Enhance value perception with AI-powered monitoring service
  • Reliably predict the need for 12v battery and air filter replacement
  • Increase the likelihood of capturing service revenue
  • Status: Available soon
AutoCare gauge
RoadScore road car
RoadScore speedometer


A smart scoring service that accurately quantifies real-world behavior to encourage safer, more efficient driving habits.

  • Generate a score for each trip and a rolling average
  • Create recurring opportunities for gamification and rewards
  • Leverage to enable usage-based insurance programs
  • Status: Available soon
FuelSmart fuel pump


A personalized recommendation engine that knows exactly when and where to best fill up.

  • Help your users save money on their most frequent vehicle expense
  • Increase retention by reinforcing measurable savings over time
  • Gain powerful insights into real-world refueling behavior
  • Status: Available later this year
FuelSmart gas station

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