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Privacy Center

Privacy matters at Mojio. The bar is high, as some of the world's most popular, branded, consumer connected car experiences rely on our platform. The most important thing to note is that we never sell or share any of your personally identifiable information (such as your name and contact information) without consent, period. Further, our promise is to be transparent with how we manage data and to give you control over your own information.

The Mojio platform is designed to align with these standards:

  • California Consumer Privacy Act
  • General Data Protection Regulation

What does the California Consumer Privacy Act mean?

California residents have specific controls over their personal information, which is more general than personally identifiable information (such as name, email, phone number, IP address). Personal information at Mojio can include generic information such as your vehicle's make, model, year, or even a trip from Point A to Point B.

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act, California residents have the right to:

  • Opt out of the sale of personal info
  • Know what personal info is kept
  • Request deletion of personal info
  • Non-discrimination for exercising any of the above

The Mojio platform supports our partners' compliance with the CCPA.

For those who have a Mojio-branded product, to exercise any of these rights, start by telling us which Mojio product to address:

  • Force
  • Motion: log in to the mobile app on Android or iOS and navigate to the Privacy Center in the About section

What does the General Data Protection Regulation mean?

Residents of the European Union have specific controls around personally identifiable information such as name, email, phone number, and IP address. Controls include the right to:

  • Be informed how personally identifiable info is used
  • Be forgotten
  • Access their information
  • Data portability
  • Restrict processing
  • Rectification of inaccurate info
  • Object to processing

The Mojio platform supports our partners' compliance with GDPR.