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Connected Car Platform for All Vehicles

Scalable, secure and hardware agnostic — built for growth

Connected Car Platform for All Vehicles

Build the connected mobility experiences of tomorrow, today.

Connected Car Platform for All Vehicles

Tap into the services that matter to your customers

Connected Car Platform for All Vehicles

Unlock the potential of automotive big data for your business

Give your service the horsepower it deserves

Our Telematics Engine is at the core of our platform. It’s what’s ‘under the hood’, powering high-performance connected vehicle services at scale, while addressing critical concerns around vehicle data privacy, security and reliability.

Telco-grade and proven to support hundreds of thousands of simultaneously connected vehicles across multiple regional jurisdictions, our Telematics Engine delivers best-in-class latency with three nines uptime.


End-to-end processing time


Uptime with three nines availability


Compliant with EU data privacy laws

Future Proof Your Business

If there’s one constant with hardware, it’s change. By remaining both vehicle and hardware agnostic, you can maximize the lifetime value of each and every customer. You can be sure the connected experience will remain up to date regardless of the vehicle they drive now and in the future.

Our proprietary ‘Made for Mojio’ communication protocol and hardware certification program future-proofs your connected car strategy by avoiding vendor lock-in and enabling the rapid onboarding of new devices as IoT and network technologies evolve.

  • Mojio supports the majority of cars made since 1996 in North America and since 2001 in Europe, as well as a growing range of auto makers, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Mojio works with both aftermarket (retrofit) and embedded (new production) telematics devices, making hardware obsolescence a problem of the past.

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Design, develop and deploy with confidence

Mojio’s Mobility Studio facilitates the flexible, efficient integration of automotive data into new and existing mobile apps and connected services via our suite of APIs and mobile SDKs, as well as turnkey offerings like Motion, our white-label connected mobility platform app for consumers.

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Tools to accelerate your product development

With our Mobility Studio, product managers, designers and engineers can plan, develop, test, deploy and operate more quickly with advanced tools and resources. Our intuitive vehicle simulator, rich API documentation and mobile SDKs allow for a premium in-vehicle user experience. Developing a connected mobility platform has never been more efficient and pain-free.

connected car app screenshot

Turnkey User Experiences with Motion

Mojio has spent years designing, developing and optimizing the connected car platform experience at scale with major brands like T-Mobile. With Motion’s accommodating design language, we can quickly stylize and localize the experience to match your brand. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

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Boost engagement, drive revenue and improve long term retention

Mojio has partnered with the world’s leading automotive data and service providers to unlock the true promise of car data monetization while delivering an indispensable customer experience that saves them time and money.

Our Services Ecosystem includes trusted third parties that have been integrated to enable turnkey user experiences across a range of in-demand services, such as roadside assistance, vehicle maintenance issues and repairs, parking reservations and more.

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Valuable Connected Services in Your Customers’ Hands

By connecting the dots between the car, the data, the service provider and your customers, Mojio’s connected car platform helps you deliver seamless services that make vehicle management easier, car ownership smarter, the driving experience better, and your brand more valuable.

  • Help your customers save money on major expenses like fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs.
  • Enhance convenience with partners that deliver time-saving features like integrated parking reservations, voice assistance and more
  • Build trust with services that help your customers get the help they need when something goes wrong, such as a roadside breakdown or a crash

Integrated Ecosystem Partners For Connected Vehicles

Mojio’s growing services ecosystem includes some of the world’s most trusted brands, as well as fast-moving innovators and startups that are shaping the future of automotive connectivity. Here are some of our partners.

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Big data is a big opportunity for those with the right tools

With real-world data gathered from more than 10 billion miles of driving, Mojio provides a big data analytics framework that uses machine learning to generate actionable insights, unlocking the next generation of new revenue streams for companies throughout the automotive value chain.

Our Intelligence Toolkit includes the tools, framework, products and services needed to understand, analyze and monetize connected mobility data in both real-time and offline environments, while addressing critical privacy and security concerns with advanced anonymization technologies.

Data-Driven Solutions

Whether you’re designing the vehicles of the future, or managing data-driven services today,  Mojio’s Intelligence Toolkit will help you achieve your business goals more quickly on a global scale.

A sample of the minute-by-minute events occurring nationwide with vehicles on the Mojio platform

One business day’s trips, events and alerts for the vehicles on the Mojio platform in the San Francisco Bay area

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