Get Everything in Motion

Motion is the experience your customers want and need. Built for iOS and Android, the Motion app is a key component in our complete connected car solution.

Ready For Deployment

On your mark, get set, GO! Motion provides the user experience needed to put your brand in the passing lane and pull in front of the competition.

Unlocks Automotive Data

Automotive data previously only available to auto mechanics is now unlocked and brought to life thanks to the Motion app. It’s like having your very own personal automotive assistant right there in your pocket.

Powered by Mojio

Powered by Mojio’s leading open platform, Motion is the perfect way to get the data from your customers cars to their smartphones, resulting in a secure, scalable user experience that generates actionable insights.

No Code Necessary

Motion’s rich feature set is the result of extensive research, user feedback, mobile development and quality assurance testing. The app is ready for deployment on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Branded for You

Our development team can match your brand in a flash. By giving your customers a customized version of the Motion app, they’ll get a comfortable connected car experience on the car they already drive, from a brand they already know.


We’ve selected the features that are the most valuable to your customers and incorporated them into one powerful app.

Look Out for Those You Love

We all worry about our loved ones while they drive, but Motion makes it easy to keep an eye out for your family without resorting to dangerous distractions.
Know the location and status of multiple cars without contacting the drivers
Set speeding limits to encourage safe driving
Use geo-fenced areas and be notified when your car is driven in or out of them

Care for Your Car

With helpful maintenance reminders and instant notifications about car trouble, Motion works like a virtual mechanic helping you take better care of your car.
Diagnose car trouble when the check engine light comes on
Get safety recalls and technical service bulletins from the NHTSA
Know your fuel level and battery voltage before you hit the road

Always Know Where Your Car Is

Whether stolen, towed, or simply misplaced, Motion knows where your car is and now you do too.
Find out where you parked
Track your car’s location in real time
Get an alert if your car is being stolen, towed, bumped or if the device has been removed

Drive Smarter,
Not Harder

Motion analyzes and reports on your driving behavior to help you drive smarter and more safely, all while saving money on fuel and minimizing wear and tear.
Cut down on dangerous driving behavior like speeding, harsh braking and rapid accelerations
Learn how to track your trips, monitor your fuel consumption and understand more about how you drive
Easily tag and expense business trips then export to CSV or PDF.

Stay Connected

Stop worrying about your phone’s data consumption and get the convenience of a dedicated WiFi network in your car. Now the entire family can enjoy reliable internet access no matter where the road takes you.
Easily manage your mobile WiFi hotspot
Quickly change network details like SSID and password
Monitor your data usage with the press of a button

Mojio identified a check engine code that I then matched to a vehicle warranty extension, so it didn't cost me anything for the repair!

JOE M. | Carp, ON

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