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The "Un-carrier" Approach to Connecting Cars

The opportunity: 2016 was a pivotal year in the maturation of the global telecommunications industry. In light of flattening smartphone sales, innovative operators saw the importance of consumer IoT services. With positive early adoption signs and forecasted numbers in the hundreds of millions, the strategic opportunity to deliver connected car services was a clear and critical component of the next wave of global growth for telcos.

The challenge: The country’s fastest-growing mobile network operator, T-Mobile (“the Un-carrier”), was looking for a rapid path to market that wouldn’t sacrifice customer experience. The search was on for a like-minded partner that could deliver telco-grade technology and execute with excellence across a range of essential services, including user experience, go-to-market, customer care, sales training and retail marketing. No small ask.

The results: In 2016, T-Mobile selected Mojio as the platform and mobile app solution provider of choice to launch SyncUP DRIVE, the Un-carrier’s first branded consumer IoT service. SyncUP DRIVE has been on a path of continuous improvement since then, adding new features and capabilities alongside user experience design improvements to each and every app release. The service expanded into T-Mobile’s prepaid brand, Metro by T-Mobile, in the summer of 2018 and has become a pillar of the brand’s consumer IoT strategy —, contributing solidly to net-adds and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. T-Mobile US has continued to partner closely with Mojio and became a strategic investor in December of 2018.

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Smart Homes, Smart Cars

The opportunity: Thanks to the rapid pace of innovation in the smart home sector over the last few years, consumers have quickly realized just how connected their lives inside the home can be. In parallel, connected car services have become more available and affordable. By 2018, the stage was set for the smart home and connected car segments to intersect — fulfilling the promise of a fully connected life. 

The challenge: As one of the fastest-growing smart security and home automation brands in America, Vivint Smart Home wanted to extend the home security umbrella into the car using cloud computing and IoT technologies. Vivint saw an opportunity to take a unique approach to the connected car experience by leveraging Mojio’s scalable, hardware-agnostic platform and suite of APIs to integrate connected vehicle data, insights and notifications into the Smart Home app experience, without requiring a stand-alone connected car app.

The results: With strong support and collaboration from Mojio’s product and engineering teams, Vivint successfully launched a first-of-its-kind service that allows homeowners to manage the security of both their home and car with a single app: Vivint Car Guard. It uniquely bridges the gap between security and home automation, delivering a seamless user experience that every homeowner can appreciate and benefit from. Vivint’s industry-leading salesforce will help Car Guard become a pillar of the company’s product portfolio.

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jeremy warren
Jeremy Warren
Chief Technology Officer, Vivint

“We selected Mojio’s platform for the flexible approach to hardware and the robust suite of APIs that allow us to deliver an integrated solution that our subscribers love. But choosing Mojio to power our connected car service wasn’t purely about technology. We also needed a partner with a roadmap and leadership team that gave us the confidence to know that we’d be able to succeed together in a fast-paced partnership. We vetted several players in the space, and the choice for us was clear.”

Car Connect
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Winning with Partners

The opportunity: In 2015, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (then Telekom Capital), the venture capital and investment arm of Deutsche Telekom Group, was on a mission. Its goal was to invest in promising startups with scalable platforms that addressed large, global markets, and to help those startups take advantage of Deutsche Telekom’s pan-European mobile network and growing base of mobile subscribers. Mojio was a clear fit and received a strategic investment as part of the company’s Series A round of financing in March of 2015.

The challenge: As Europe’s most valuable telecommunications brand, Deutsche Telekom Group was in a strong position to satisfy European consumers’ increasing demand for IoT technologies, but lacked the subject matter expertise and technology to quickly bring a solution to market. The partnering group was challenged with supporting Mojio to launch a branded connected car service and set the foundation for future roll-outs across Deutsche Telekom’s pan-European network.

The results: With strategic support from Deutsche Telekom’s partnering group, Mojio launched its first European service via T-Mobile Czech Republic (Chytre Auto) in the fourth quarter of 2016. Since then, Mojio and Deutsche Telekom have partnered to deploy branded connected car services in Austria (T-Mobile CarConnect), Germany (Telekom CarConnect) and T-Mobile Poland (Smart Car) and are continuing to work together to grow the base of connected car subscribers across Europe.

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Axel Diehl
Axel Diehl
VP, Group Business Development & Venturing, Deutsche Telekom AG

“Mojio is a real-world case study of Deutsche Telekom’s ‘win with partners’ innovation strategy. We’ve partnered with Mojio to design and deploy our pan-European connected car strategy, resulting in on-time, on-budget launches of Telekom-branded connected car services in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.”

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