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Smart Vehicle Tracking for Small Businesses

Easy to use and easy to choose. This is fleet management, powered by Mojio

Force Fleet Tracking gives small business owners mobile-friendly access to real-time connected vehicle data, insights and alerts to help them hold their drivers accountable, control their operational costs, and keep their vehicles safe and secure.


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What Our Customers Are Saying


“Force Fleet Tracking has created accountability for our drivers; has increased safe driving practices, and has aided the way we dispatch and direct our employees.”

Energy Concepts Ryan Beene
HR Manager & Controller
Energy Concepts Solar
Fresno, CA
21 Vehicles, 45 Employees

“10~20 times a year, I get calls saying, "Your guy didn’t show up!" Now, we can prove it. "Yes, he was there on this particular day. How do we know? We have a device that shows how and where he stopped, and for how long. Maybe you missed him, but he was there." It saves us money by preventing unnecessary repeat visits. Force Fleet Tracking is a product that pays for itself.”

American Pest Control Rick Deitsch
Owner & Manager
American Pest Control
Las Vegas, NV
6 Vehicles, 10 Employees

“Force Fleet Tracking has made it easier to manage my vehicles. When I see a check engine light, I can find out what it means, so if it’s not too serious I can save money by fixing the problem myself instead of going to a mechanic.”

Poseidon Pool Service Brad Allison
Poseidon Pool Service
Las Vegas, NV
5 Vehicles, 4 Employees

“Force Fleet Tracking gives me peace of mind knowing where my trucks and technicians are, in real time. In Window Cleaning we can travel up to 5 locations a day, and while managing the day I can check in to ensure the crews will arrive at the next location on time. The data provided by the trip tracking feature, has improved our travel efficiency.”

Blue Truck Window Cleaning Nick Milosevic
Blue Truck Window Cleaning
Las Vegas, NV
2 Vehicles, 2 Employees

Why Use Force Fleet Tracking?

From plumbing to pool service to pest control, any small business can benefit from smart, simple, affordable GPS vehicle tracking. Here’s why Force Fleet Tracking is an investment that pays for itself.

Hold Your Drivers Accountable

Make sure your people stay on task. Give your customers an accurate ETA. Prove you showed up at the job site. These are just a few of the many ways you’ll benefit from reliable, real-time vehicle tracking, all with less time and effort on your part.
  • Live GPS Location Tracking – See your vehicles’ live location and status on a map, with updates every 10 seconds or less — the fastest in the industry. Use our smartphone app to track your vehicles anywhere, anytime.
  • Detailed Trip History – Know who was where, when, with an automatic record of every single trip — including start and end times, routes, mileage, speed and driving behavior. Easily export the history for tax or accounting purposes, or use the trip details to prove the facts during a service or billing dispute.
  • Location Alerts – Keep tabs on your vehicles even when you’re away from your desk. Our customizable smartphone notifications let you know when your vehicles enter or exit a geofence, such as your office, a work site or a specific neighborhood.
Force By Mojio Vehicle Alert Screenshots

Take control of your vehicle expenses

The cost of a missed job, an unexpected repair or wasted fuel adds up fast. Force gives you everything you need to keep your vehicles running at the lowest possible operating cost and helps you avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring – Force helps you keep downtime to a minimum by showing you a clear picture of each vehicle’s health. Stop relying on your drivers to report mechanical issues!
  • Vehicle Health Alerts – Get alerted if one of your vehicles has an engine issue, so you can take action before things get worse and more costly. Our predictive alerts go even further, informing you when it’s time to replace a clogged air filter or a failing battery – before it becomes a problem.
  • Fuel Alerts & Fuel Efficiency Monitoring – Idling, speeding, inefficient routing – these are just a few of the ways that your drivers are costing you too much at the pump – up to 40% more fuel than necessary. Get a handle on your fleet’s fuel efficiency.
Force By Mojio Vehicle Alert Screenshots

Increase the safety and security of your vehicles.

Reduce the potential risk to your business by avoiding unnecessary accidents, fines, and damage to your reputation. Plus, you’ll be keeping your vehicles more secure, even when they’re not in use.
  • Safety Scores & Reports – Monitor your team’s driving behavior and coach them to improve with RoadScore. It measures factors like speeding, rapid accelerations, harsh braking and cornering, giving you a score for each trip and an average score for every driver.
  • Speeding Alerts – Make dangerous driving a thing of the past by setting up custom speeding alerts. If your drivers go above the limit, you’ll be instantly notified.
  • Disturbance Alerts – With Force Fleet Tracking, you’ll get instant alerts if any of your vehicles are bumped, towed, or otherwise disturbed while parked. If one of your vehicles is stolen, you’ll have the tools and information needed to help the authorities recover it quickly.
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Features that Matter for Small Business

Force Fleet Tracking is a product that strikes a pragmatic balance between functionality and ease of use. It includes a well-rounded mix of vehicle tracking and management features while prioritizing ease-of-use.

Take a Deeper Dive

Check out our dedicated Force Fleet Tracking website for more information about this innovative offering for the fleet vehicle tracking market.