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Mojio and Pouch Partner to Provide Small Businesses with Free Fleet Management Software and Discounted Commercial Auto Insurance

Forcebymojio + Pouch. Built for small business. Commercial auto insurance that includes more and costs less.

Pouch will offer small businesses a free subscription to Force by Mojio for every vehicle insured, providing business owners with the real-time insights needed to better manage and protect their vehicles, while rewarding safe driving behavior with discounted rates on commercial auto insurance.

Mojio, a leading connected mobility platform and SaaS solutions provider, has announced a new strategic partnership with Pouch to provide small businesses with free fleet management software and access to discounted commercial auto insurance rates. Available today to businesses operating in Illinois, Pouch will be deploying to additional states in the coming months.

Force by Mojio is a vehicle tracking and fleet management solution designed specifically for the millions of small businesses that rely on their vehicles to get the job done. Powered by the same automotive technology platform that has connected more than 1 million vehicles in North America and Europe, Force helps business owners track their fleet in real-time, encourage safe driving behavior, monitor health and maintenance, and improve customer service – all while reducing the total cost of operating their vehicles. 

Now, business owners can get Force for free when they insure their vehicles with Pouch. For a business with 5 vehicles in operation, that’s $900 in annual savings. Add in discounts of up to 20% on commercial auto insurance rates for safe driving, and small businesses stand to save thousands of dollars every single year. 

Co-founded by usage-based insurance pioneers Steve McKay and Gloria Guntinas Vanzo, Pouch is changing the way small businesses insure their vehicles and manage their operations.

“Unlike traditional commercial insurance companies, we’re not just here when you have a claim to report. With Pouch, you also get a partner that wants to help your business thrive. That’s why we’re including Force by Mojio vehicle tracking and fleet management software for free,” said Steve McKay, Founder and CEO of Pouch. “If your employees drive poorly and put your business at risk, you’ll know. And when your team drives safely, we’ll reward you. It’s an entirely different way to think about insurance — a true ally to help you keep an eye on your business.”

Force by Mojio gives business owners real-time visibility over where their trucks and vans are located at any given time, and whether or not their employees are driving safely. The resulting analytics, including the RoadScoreTM (Mojio’s proprietary safe driving score) for each and every trip, offer new insights that are key to enabling a culture that values safe driving. With a closer eye on some of their most valuable assets, business owners can reduce risk and insurance rates. 

“By partnering with leading technology providers like Mojio, Pouch proves that you can have an insurance provider that actually invests in making your business stronger,” said Gloria Guntinas, Co-Founder and COO of Pouch. “Whether it’s getting to the job site on time, making a critical delivery, or transporting technicians and tools from one appointment to the next, vehicles are critical revenue generators for small businesses. Together with Mojio, we’re offering a game-changing solution that helps small businesses decrease risk, streamline their operations, improve customer service and save money.” 

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About Mojio

Scalable, secure and hardware-agnostic, Mojio is the platform and SaaS solution provider of choice to build, launch and scale connected mobility services. Founded in 2012, Mojio has growing teams in Silicon Valley and Vancouver, and counts some of the world’s biggest brands as customers, investors and partners, including Amazon, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, T-Mobile and Vivint.

Mojio’s platform, apps and services deliver a smarter, safer and more convenient car ownership experience for the global driving community. With over 15 billion miles of driving data gathered from more than a million vehicles, Mojio’s big data analytics framework uses machine learning to generate actionable insights, unlocking the next generation of revenue streams for companies throughout the automotive value chain. Learn more at

About Force by Mojio 

Force by Mojio is the ideal GPS tracking solution for home services businesses that rely on their vehicles to get the job done. Force by Mojio helps small business owners track their fleet in real-time, encourage safe driving behavior, monitor health and maintenance, and improve customer service – all while reducing the total cost of operating their vehicles.

Force puts the power of Mojio’s proven connected mobility platform in the hands (and vehicles) of busy entrepreneurs, so they can focus on what matters most – keeping their customers happy and growing their business. Force by Mojio is available in the United States today with an affordable, monthly subscription, including free hardware. No hidden fees or contracts. Learn more at

About Pouch 

Pouch rewards small businesses for safe driving. With instant quotes, simple sign up, and discounted rates based on your actual driving, Pouch offers a faster and smarter way to buy commercial auto insurance. At the same time, Pouch gives every customer free GPS vehicle tracking software to keep an eye on every vehicle, reduce risk, and improve safety. With Pouch, small business owners can better track and manage their fleet and lower their bills. Learn more at