Mojio Secures Big Data Pioneer as New VP of Engineering

Mojio taps big data pioneer Vidhya Ranganathan to manage, enhance and scale the company’s secure cloud-based connected vehicle platform. This move adds proven SaaS and cloud computing leadership to the company as it recruits talent for its growing engineering teams in Campbell and Vancouver.
Vidhya Ranganathan, VP of Engineering
Vidhya Ranganathan, VP of Engineering at Mojio
February 21, 2017 — Palo Alto & Vancouver — Mojio (, the leading open platform for connected cars, today announces the appointment of Vidhya Ranganathan as its Vice President of Engineering. Vidhya brings more than 25 years of proven SaaS leadership to Mojio’s growing team of mobile developers, software engineers and and quality assurance managers. Speaking about what Vidhya’s appointment means for Mojio, CEO Kenny Hawk said, “Vidhya’s track record for building, mentoring and retaining high-caliber engineering teams is simply unmatched. Her proven ability to scale SaaS platforms to tens of millions of users is a perfect fit for the growing demand we’re experiencing from mobile network operators.” A pioneering engineer at heart, Vidhya developed the foundation for “Big Data” long before the term was coined. In the mid 1990s, she launched one of the first online analytical processing (OLAP) solutions, sparking a new generation of cloud-based business intelligence tools. Software giant Oracle picked up on this breakthrough, acquiring the technology and team for $3.3 billion in 2007. Oracle charged Vidhya with ownership of the company’s flagship Business Intelligence Platform, generating nearly $2 billion in annual revenue from Fortune 500 customers, including British Telecom, Credit Suisse and Delta Airlines. Prior to joining Mojio, Vidhya was the SVP of Engineering and Products at Accellion, where she developed the world’s only secure content sharing platform for private clouds and regulated industries. Her award-winning cloud platform, Kiteworks, delivered a perfect solution for security conscious enterprises (such as Verizon), government agencies, and financial services, scaling to tens of millions of users worldwide. Vidhya will now manage and scale Mojio’s cloud-based connected vehicle platform, driving forward three key areas of innovation and growth:
  • Automotive IoT: Mojio’s open platform mobilizes the IoT to the most powerful computers we own, our vehicles. By developing hardware agnostic, retrofit solutions for hundreds of millions of vehicles, Mojio is primed for mass adoption through its mobile operator partners, including Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA.
  • Big Automotive Data: Connected vehicles demand big data, expertly channeled, managed and deployed. Vidhya has been at the forefront of delivering revolutionary data solutions for over 25 years and relishes the challenge of securely storing, analyzing and monetizing the Mojio’s massive data sets.
  • Team Forging: Vidhya’s leadership has already impacted Mojio’s engineers, as she prepared the company’s cloud platform for the rapid user growth coming from T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVETM (the Un-carrier’s all-in-one connected car solution, powered by Mojio). Moving forward, Vidhya aims to attract driven, innovative thinkers.
With her hands firmly on the steering wheel, Vidhya is keen to get down to business. “I couldn’t be happier with Mojio’s high-energy team,” shared Vidhya. “The pace of growth in the connected car space is exhilarating, and I look forward to nurturing an engineering culture to match.” Vidhya is actively searching for top engineering talent to join her team. You can connect with her directly on LinkedIn. — END — Founded in 2012, Mojio is the leading open platform for connected cars. We are on a mission to give every vehicle a voice, harnessing automotive data to empower people, businesses and cities with peace of mind.
  • For enterprises, including Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA, we deliver scalable, hardware agnostic SaaS and data solutions to access untapped revenue streams and cost-saving opportunities.
  • For drivers, we unlock hidden automotive data to make driving safer, more reliable and less expensive.
  • For developers, we provide open access to our advanced APIs, SDKs and development tools, enabling efficient integration of automotive data into new and existing apps and services.
Mojio is hiring for exciting positions in Campbell, CA and Vancouver. Visit Mojio’s job board to view career opportunities. Mojio Media Enquiries: Kyle MacDonald Head of Marketing