Mojio Releases Software Development Kit for Developers to Make Apps That Work for Cars Made Since 1996

Well-supported SDK is easy to use and establishes first app store for cars

  (Vancouver, BC) – June 4, 2013 – Mojio, the company connecting cars to your favorite people, places and things, today released its Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers who are interested in developing apps to make driving smarter, safer and more fun. The SDK is available by accessing the Mojio Developer Center Sandbox at – Mojio’s online resource for developers to build car-connected apps.  The Center includes a well-defined Application Programmer Interface and offers access to vehicle data including GPS, engine and ignition events, fuel readings, acceleration, braking, speed and other information that developers and corporations can easily use to create applications without any vehicle programming knowledge. The SDK allows developers to build car-connected apps for the web, desktop and smartphones. The Mojio Developer Center has four elements created to simplify and speed up application development including: the App Programmer Documentation; a Vehicle Simulator; Sample Source Code, and Forums for community support and information exchange. “Since our inception, one of Mojio’s key differentiators is as an open platform creating the potential for the first app store for cars,” said Narayan Sainaney, CTO, Mojio.  “Developers can help us to make that a reality. We have worked hard to take away all the complexity of writing apps for cars, ensuring that no knowledge of or even access to car computers or cellular hardware is required.  Working with the Mojio SDK is as easy as writing an app for Facebook.”   Driving 2.0 Today there are more than 250 million cars on the road in the US alone, most of them offering little to no car-to-phone connectivity. Mojio aims to reinvent driving around the smartphone.  The Mojio device fits into the diagnostic port of cars made since 1996 and will come with its own car apps later this year. Mojio apps will be capable of notifying drivers when they’re being towed, stolen or broken into; automating mileage tracking; finding friends and family’s cars in real-time; and getting proactive engine information to help keep mechanics honest. Mojio aims to attract a robust developer community interested in designing even more exciting apps for everyday cars that help reinvent everyone’s driving experience   About Mojio Mojio is reinventing driving around your smartphone, keeping you connected to your favorite people, places and things. Mojio is a cloud-connected device for your car that unlocks your real-time vehicle information. Apps on your phone connect with that information to automate many of your everyday tasks – from parking payments to turning off lights as you leave your home.  Mojio even makes controlling music, calls and navigation much easier while driving. As an open platform, Mojio is an ecosystem of connected cars. Our developer tools let people and organizations make apps that help drivers save time, money and headaches – and have fun doing it. For more information, find us at Contact: Darren Roberts VP, Marketing, Mojio 778-987-8843